PHP Recruiters


Candidates and clients trust us with confidential information, and we want to make it clear what we do with the data we hold. As a general rule:

More specific information about how we handle data can be found below. Please note that this only relates to information which we hold about you. If your data is held by other parties (e.g. by a potential employer after you have applied for a role), their policies will apply and may be significantly different.

What data we hold

For candidates, we store the following information:

For clients, we store the following information:

For visitors to our website, we store the following information about each request:

We do not attempt to link website requests to individuals, and in most cases would be unable to do so. Our website does not use any cookies.

Data security

Currently we store client and candidate data locally on a machine which uses full disk encryption. Some data is also stored on servers which we control.

We take regular backups of data which are stored on portable hard drives with a single encrypted partition.

All of our desktops, laptops, backup drives and servers are located in the United Kingdom.

Data sharing

As a general principle, we will not transfer your personal data to third parties without your permission (e.g. if you apply for a role we will pass your CV and contact details to the potential employer). However, there are a few exceptions to this rule:

Where we do share data with third parties, we ensure that the minimum data is shared to achieve the objective.

Call recording

We do not record inbound or outbound phone calls. We do take notes of phone calls and these notes are stored electronically.

Data amendment

If we hold data about you which is incorrect, we will amend it as soon as possible after being notified of the correction.

Data retention

We retain data for the duration of our relationship with you, which can be brought to an end at any time by either party. Exceptions to this are detailed below, and mostly relate to legal/compliance requirements (e.g. retaining invoices for audits).

If we hold data about you that does not fall into one of the exceptions listed above, we will delete it on request.

Access to data

We will provide a copy of all data which we hold about you on request. We aim to respond to such requests within 14 days, though in some cases it may take longer (e.g. if we have to verify the authenticity of your request). We reserve the right to charge a fee of £10 for each request, and will inform you if a fee applies before fulfilling the request.

If we have passed on your data to third parties then you will need to request their copy of your data separately.